UO Style Guide

The publication, How We Tell Our Story: Communication Standards for the University of Oregon, third edition, provides consistent guidelines for graphic and editorial presentation of projects associated with the University of Oregon.

From sections on brand positioning and on university marks to segments on web communication standards and on grammar and style, this manual provides an overview of the elements that make up the University of Oregon identity system and presents guidelines for working with them. Through notes and examples in its eleven sections, it demonstrates how these elements combine to communicate a consistent identity that represents the University of Oregon.

This primary UO guide draws heavily on two other basic references—The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS), sixteenth edition, and The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (AHD), fifth edition.

The UO Libraries has acquired The Chicago Manual of Style Online, making it available to all students as well as faculty and staff members using any networked, campus-based or university-affiliated computer. If you have a style question and it isn’t addressed in How We Tell Our Story, then CMS is the go-to reference as the university's designated standard reference on style for all official university communications, publications, and web content.